Simple Present or Progressive? Fill in the correct tense.

1. Would you like some beer? No, thank you I  alcohol. (not drink)
2. Why  Spanish? Because I want to go to Madrid next summer. (you study)
3. Where  from? (you come)
4. What  for a living? (your father do)
5. My sister  to be a nurse. (train)
6. That’s an interesting article. It  you a lot about British teenagers. (tell)
7. What  ? A thriller. (you read)
8. Where  a ticket, please? (I get)
9. I don’t like Mr Smith. He  too much. (talk)
10. Susan, hurry up! What  in the bathroom all the time? (you do)
11. How  these days? (you get on)
12. What language  in Brazil? (they speak)
13. I think it  colder. We’d better take coats. (get)
14. Andy  like his brother, doesn’t he? (look)
15. What’s that noise? It  like a helicopter. (sound)


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